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Light Yagami's Black Scorpion Mafia Applicaton

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Org Name:Black Scorpion Mafia
Ingame Name:Light Yagami

Jobs & pays:

Balck Scorpion Leader -- Number of:1 Pay: 65
Black Scorpion Co-Leader -- Number of:1 Pay: 60
Black Scorpion Elite -- Number of:2 Pay: 50
Black Scorpion Dealer -- Number of:1 Pay:40
Black Scorpion Bodyguard -- Number of:2 Pay: 30
Black Scorpion Thug -- Number of:1 Pay:20

Org Type:Criminal

Org History:The org was created by Light Yagami. He was a straight A student untill his father was put in prison for murder. He turned nasty, and left home at the age of 17, and set out on his career as a big Mafia leader. He now has many dealers and mobs worldwide. His gang specialises in Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and massive House Raids. Many gangs bow down at his feet and the power of his gang. They are the Black Scorpions. The most dangerous gang of them all. Many mafias have became allies with the great mafia, and many crimes have been committed between the many mafia involved with them.

Rules:1.No Deathmatch(Warning,Fired.),2.No Revenge Kills(Warning,Fired.),3.Do not annoy others on the server(Warning,Loss of rights to org HQ for up to 10 hours gametime) .4.Dont be disrespectful to anyone gang members. (Warning,Fired.)5.Do not abuse guns, Example: Running round shooting for no reason with guns you received from our HQ. (Warning,Fired.

Org Property: Crack house on the hill. Much loved building, lots of space, A SECRET CELLAR, and a garage. What more could you want, than a house on a hill to chill or hide in!

Other Comments:I love this server and hope that my org will get in.

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