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Mafia - Cosa Nostra

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1 Mafia - Cosa Nostra on Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:51 pm

In Game Name: Chris 'The Shadow' Travers

Organization Name: Cosa Nostra

Organization Type: Crime

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:3572621

Organization Role: The Most Dominating crime org in the town - Drug selling - Weapon selling

Organization History:
The Mafia (also known as Cosa Nostra) is a Sicilian criminal secret society which is believed to have first developed in the mid-19th century in Sicily. An offshoot emerged on the East Coast of the United States and in Australia during the late 19th century following waves of Sicilian and Southern Italian emigration. In North America, the Mafia often refers to Italian organized crime in general, rather than just traditional Sicilian organized crime. According to historian Paolo Pezzino: "The Mafia is a kind of organized crime being active not only in several illegal fields, but also tending to exercise sovereignty functions – normally belonging to public authorities – over a specific territory...

Cosa Nostra Family Boss 65
Cosa Nostra UnderBoss 60
Cosa Nostra Lieutenant 50
Cosa Nostra's Hitman 40
Cosa Nostra Drug & Weapon Dealer 35
Cosa Nostra Enforcer 30

Policies / Need to knows : Rules. -
No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.
Never look at the wives of friends.
Never be seen with cops.
Don't go to pubs and clubs.
Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife's about to give birth.
Appointments must absolutely be respected.
Wives must be treated with respect.
When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.
Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families.
People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values[b]

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2 Re: Mafia - Cosa Nostra on Wed Jan 14, 2009 3:40 am


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3 Re: Mafia - Cosa Nostra on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:10 pm

Well I already have a Cosa Nostra and those rules and policies are the tend commandments of the Cosa Nostra, copied from wikipedia. But I wouldn't mind having a rival or a ally with the same motives and same structured organization.

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4 Re: Mafia - Cosa Nostra on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:20 pm

Making Cosa Nostra is 2 original, think of something different, be creative.

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