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1Lillys Admin App Empty Lillys Admin App on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:04 pm

Name:Lilly MacMillian

STEAM ID:STEAM_0:1:3607113

Experience:I ve been admin in like 15 servers and co owner in 7

Reason for applying:I think u need more admins for when ur not online

A DMer comes onto the server, how would you handle the situation?I would tell him to stop and first kick him incase hes new to rp but before i kick him i tell him its an rp server and that you dont death match everyone you see if he comes back and carrys on i ban him temporay and if he comes back later and still does it perma ban (Unless known dmer = Perm ban as soon as he kills)

There is a flamewar between two people, how can you handle the situation?Tell them to stop and make up and tell them why its better to just make up and be freinds and stop flaming at each other

Extra Comments:

Metagaming:Saying someones name or job when it shows up on the screen without em telling you

i added metagaming because you need it to be an admin on rp to tell people to stop metagaming

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