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admin application

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1 admin application on Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:37 pm


Name: Timmy Calponi

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:21423687

Experience: i was admin on alot of servers 2 years ago where like augsgamers and alot other more i was was actually on a lot of popular servers with admin.

Reason for applying: Well, I wanna help this server out and keep away from dmers , and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Examples - These must be answered. (is this for reason to applying) if there was dmers,hackers,and spams and alot more people that are really annoying i would ban them .

A DMer comes onto the server, how would you handle the situation?
well first i would see the problem if theres no problem then a kick if they come back then start again probably a big juicy ban for awhile ......

There is a flamewar between two people, how can you handle the situation? First i would solve the problem by solving who did what and if no problem both ban if there was and 1 guy did it then he gets a ban. Problem Solved

Extra Comments: I do Know all of the commands im really good at remembering them. and i really am on every single day i leave the server when it shuts down if it dont then i will leave around 1:00 in morning. sounds like a joke but seriously im on all of the time. Finally, i go on forums alot too.

2 Re: admin application on Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:48 pm


TSRP Admin
TSRP Admin
Hm... I like the app. Other people that have applied have posed with these :
1.) bad grammar
2.) No bold headings (such as where you write "why you want to be an admin"

My only problem with this, is that you seem to be "ban happy." It looks like if someone is being rude, they are banned. You may be the kind of admin that permanently bans people for "Disrespect of an admin" when they say to leave them alone, or you may not. But as I said, you seem kind of trigger-happy with the bans.

Other than that, Nice application. I think I'd give you my vote. Just wait until Bishop gets on to see what he thinks of your application!

-James Vizzini

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