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Raven Sword Mercenaries Group

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1Raven Sword Mercenaries Group Empty Raven Sword Mercenaries Group on Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:29 pm


TSRP Admin
TSRP Admin

In-game Name:
Dave 'Esan' Johnson


Organization Name:
Raven Sword

Private Military Company. PMCs are mercenaries, but more professional. I don't think i have to explain you what is the purpose of mercenaries.
We give a service of well trained soldiers
The Difference between my org and other merc. orgs is:

- This is professional soldiers. Every contracts will have to be approved by me or the co-leaders

- I will make rules to keep this org organized:
1- No DM
2- If you do a contract RP it.
3- No jaildodge (excepted if this is for a contract)
4- Never take a contract if you're not a Major.
5- Never sell/give Raven Sword's guns
6- Respect the admins
7- Respect the higher ranks
8- Don't let unauthorized personnel in RS's HQ
9- Don't rob (excepted if this is for a contract)
10- Alway respect the contracts

- This org is not criminal or governmental org. this is both. Everything depend of the contract.

/!\We only work under contracts, if a member of RS give guns, do DM, or jail dodge: he is fire (excepted if this is for the contract)/!\
note: I don't accept noobs in this org, to join it i will test you in-game

Raven Sword, is one of the 5 biggest military companies on the world. One of his biggest contracts is in Eastern Europe: Help the local autorities to protect the cities against a local rebel group.
Raven Sword was founded in the 1985 in the United States of America. Respected around the world for his professional and good trained soldiers. Every contracts made by Raven Sword at date have been finished successfuly.

Current Standart Equipment of Raven Sword's Infantry:
- Heavy Body armor - Scar-L Mk. 17 (7.62) - Sig GSR 1911(.45 ACP) - H&K MP7A1 (4.6x30) - Tactical Helmet - tactical goggles - balaclava -

[The others informations are classified]



[RS:Cmd] Raven Sword Commander: 65 $ [1/1 (Esan)]
He is the highest member of Raven Sword. The commander take de decisions and decide of the contracts. He have "Veto" right.
Rights: Hire/Fire people
Decide of the contracts

[RS:Mjr] Raven Sword Major: 60 $ [1/2 (Sammy & N/A)]
He is one of the High ranked officiers. When the commander is not here, he can decide of contracts and take decisions.
Rights: Hire/Fire people
Decide of the contracts


[RS:Cpl] Raven Sword Corporal: 50 $ [0/8 (N/A)]
The corporal is the one who take the decisions on the battlefield, or during missions.
Rights: Give orders to the infantry

[RS:Pfc] Raven Sword Private First Class: 40 $ [0/16 (N/A)]
The privates First Class are soldier, they are the infantry who do the job on the field, but they have a better pay than the privates
rights: N/A

[RS:Pvt] Raven Sword Private: 30 $ [0/16 (N/A)]
The privates are soldier, they are the infantry who do the job on the field.
Rights: N/A

More informations:
Every contracts made will have to be posted or archived.
Exemple of contract:

Person who hire us: Maritime Trade and Delivery
contract: Help the security to protect the shipments and the workers
Authorizations: Lethal and no-lethal force
Officier in Charge: Esan Diaz
People working on the contract: Pvt.1 - Pvt.2 - Pfc. 1 - Stg. 1
Duration of the contract: 1 day [IRL]
Contract cost: 2500$

(this is only an exemple of contract)

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