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Now, heres some rules for the server. Follow or get out.

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Server Owner
1. You are a player with feelings, don't go bashing someone because they did something or because their a "noob". We were all there once. Remember that.

2.While on the server, you have a "job". Play that job out. Don't be a Doctor and go robbing and don't be a cop and shoot random people. Yes, there are corrupt cops but come now. Not everyone is corrupt.

3. No jumping on or off of buildings or "stunting". That pretty much explains itself.

4. Keep the "Out Of Character Chat" (OOC) down to a minimal. I don't mind it, but when it starts getting flooded it lags the server a bit.

5. Now, the last thing I want to mention is the elitism. Yes, this falls under #1 but that's beside the point. I've been noticing more and more of it. Just because you think your "Super RP'er" it doesn't mean to can go and get mad because something didn't go your way or someone did something wrong. People make mistakes. Once you understand that you can truly have fun and enjoy the game.

Thanks for reading.

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2Now, heres some rules for the server. Follow or get out. Empty re on Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:42 pm


Well put, Bishop.
Can you put in some points about the new system with jobs, and how people wont get custom jobs, and put in any other impotrtant bits?

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