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Character Biographies?

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1Character Biographies? Empty Character Biographies? on Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:29 pm

If anyone has character biographies you know like age, gender, job and like a description of your life story lol.. please post here..
I'll be posting mine tomorrow.

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2Character Biographies? Empty Yakuza !!! on Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:47 pm

Ya I kinda got lazy but my Stories for my back round and Org. are always awesome Smile, I'll post mine soon.

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3Character Biographies? Empty re on Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:05 pm


James Teeterman was born James Henderson. At age 12, he got fed up of all the shit everybody gave him for not having a girlfriend and having greasy hair and not changing his clothes. He knew that all that sk=hit didn't matter, but people who care about that have no reason to exsist, at least that's what he thought. He took the bus to New York, he made some connections over time. Six months later, he had some friends in New York. He gathered up some weapons. He had aqquired blueprints of his small town's middle school, Knoxville Middle School. He decided his weapons carefully. He knew that he wasn't going to waltz in there and snipe anyone. His connections weren't strong enough to get him automatics, but decent weapons. He knew most shots would be close range. He could only pack a backpack worth of ammo, so he had to be according about who he dispatched, not being macho and emptying clips of ammo on one person. He had to think efficiently. He knew how to shoot, as his dad bought him a Ruger MK.III in .22LR at age 5 to practice on. He chose a Stoeger double barrel shotgun in 12 gauge. He chose a AMT Hardballer Longslide in .45 ACP as his 2nd main weapon. That is how his nickname came to be .45 longslide with laser sighting. He knew that it was plausible that he would get countered by one of the teachers that wanted to be a hero. He got a Colt Junior pocket pistol in .25 ACP for his backup. On his big day, he packed his duffel bag. He tucked the double barrel shotgun and 1911 Longslide ing main compartment and bought a dry ammo storage box that could hold 500 rounds of any ammo in it. He bought 30 magazines for his 1911 Longslide, all double stack hi-caps that could hold 16 rounds reach. He loaded up all the magazines with Remington Golden Saber hollowpoint ammo and packed 350 shells of Fiocchi High-Velocity steel shot for his double barrel shotgun. He tucked his Colt pocket pistol in his waistband, and packed 150 rounds of Speer Gold Dot jacketed hollowpoints, along with 15 magazines for it. He arrived at the school, walked into teh cafeteria and placed 50 headshots and all the dead children slumped on the ground. He loaded his double barrel shotgun and pumped a charge of lead through the principal's thick skull. He shouted, "I don't feel tardy!" and popped his teacher that was pouring coffee. He emptied out the empty shells and put in fresh ones. He lined up 3 kids and fired at the first one. The pellets went throught the first and second one and killed all three of them. He went throughout teh school and killed all the children, ahving 50 rounds left for each gun. He went to his dad's cabin and fortified it with several dead bolts and screwed a steel plate on the back of the door, so he couldn't be fired upon. He boarded up the windows, bought a big gunsafe off money he got from assorted muggings. At this point, he was 17 years old and had lived in the cabin for four years. He had hijacked a 1978 Ford F150 and bought some super swamper tires and fog lights for it, so living in the remote area would be so bad. He lived near a small town called Metrovita. This is where he got his fake ID and bought gas, groceries, hardware and ammo. He bought most of his guns and ammo from a local gunshop called George's Arsenal with a fake FOID card. He had his fake ID registered to James Teeterman, to avoid the people that saw it to realize he was the child who was involved in the shooting 4 years ago. One day, he went to a liquor store called ACE liquor and was buying 10 bottles of Colt 45 and 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, the clerk said, "Whatcha doing with 'dis beer 'n' booze, kid? James replied sheepishly, "It's New Years, asshole, 'whaddya think I'm doin'?"
The clerk backed off and gave him his receipt, and James drive off the George's Arsenal to buy some Hornady JHP .45's and over to Wal-Mart to buy some more lighter fluid and a carton of Marlboro 100's. He decided that gas was getting to be too much of an expense, so at 12 P.M. that night, he went in the sewers and linked a pipe from the gas lines to his cabin into a 4000 gallon basin underground of his cabin. His uncle died awhile back and the cabin keys were put in hsi will. He often went hunting with his uncle, and his uncle was his best friend at times. He was now 21 years old, and feeling great. he had a clean slate, car, house, free gas, and much more. He felt normal. Mertovita was located on the Southern border of Quebec, Canada. He decided he wanted to take a road trip. He loaded up his duffel bag with $10,000 cash, a Smith & Wesson model 29 in .44 Magnum with 30 speedloaders, an Intratec Tec 9 with 30 50 round hi-cap magazines. and 200 rounds extra for each Gun. Magtech JHP's for the Smith & Wesson and Speer Gold Dot JHP's for the Tec-9. He also brought a CB radio to know if cops were around, a cell phone, Trauma pack, Fist Aid kit, a toolbox, and other things. He went down to New York, and met up with some old connections and lived there until present time. clown

4Character Biographies? Empty Wayne Law's Story on Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:30 am

"Lets go!, the cops are coming!"
"Nno, I can't I'll just slow you down... LEAVE!"

September 9, 1985, my 18th birthday... I was having a party in a night club in Kowloon. Until it was raided by rival gangmembers.. Several friends and family got murdered. Including my father. The rival gang (was) called KL (Koon Long), they were controllers of Causeway Bay and many other districts. But they dare raid my area, I shall return the favor. The next night, I've found out the whereabouts of KL's leader. I followed him to his house which was heavily guarded. I sneaked up behind the guards by the gate, and took my silenced pistol and shot them both in the head. I then got into the house through an open window in the second floor. I see a guard patrolling, but he would stop for a washroom break. That's when I took advantage and killed him too. I can hear noises of people downstairs gambling and playing Mah Jong. But the leader, was resting in his bedroom. I slowly went into his dark room, and I see him sitting there his back towards me reading the newspaper. I place the barrel my gun onto his shiny bald head, and took off my mask so he can see my face. I said....


"For father."

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