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Buzz's SWAT Application

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1Buzz's SWAT Application Empty Buzz's SWAT Application on Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:12 pm

Ingame Name(s): Buzz


Current Job on Server: Unemployed

Any Previous Experience with being a Police: I have been playing for three years now and I have been officer countless times and cheif about three four times. I have also been a Co-Leader of SWAT, and have been the General of an Army.
Position you are applying for: Mostly SWAT( I don't care what postition)

Why you should get this position: I have lots of experience. Now that three years have past I have grew better and better at rping. I have experience with crime orgs and goverment orgs so I know how most of them work. I also am very experienced.
Tell me How you will RP your job as a cop successfully: I will state if I arrest someone what they are under arrest for( I won't speed cuff). I will also say. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used agaisnt you in the court of law. I will also lock people in jail for appropriate times not locking someone in their cause I have a conflict with them.
Describe to me how you would deal with an armed 7/11 robber: First I would clear the seen of any citizens.(quickly) Next I would negotiate with the robber(s). If they refuse to come out I will call for back up. If they fire upon me or anyone else I will take cover and warn him if he doesn't stop we will fire upon him. If he still restits we will be pateint and wait for him to come out of the 7/11 and arrest them and fine them depending on damage and money stolen.

Describe to me how you would deal with someone breaking the diner window: I would jail the offender and talk to the diner owner. I would ask him precisly how much the window was. After I communicate with the diner owner I will ask the person to pay the amount. If they still resits according to the damage I will lock them up 6 hours to a day.
Describe to me how you would deal with someone having a gun out in public: I would engage the man with my weapon drawn. I would ask him to put down his weapon and his hands in the air. I would pick up his gun and cuff him. After I cuff him I will ask for a licenses and if he doesn't I will take him to jail and have him pay a fine depending on the firearm he was holding in public.

Additional Information: I love TSRP I have been playing it ever since it came out. Cool

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