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HC (Hells children) APP

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1 HC (Hells children) APP on Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:25 am

Ingame Name: Doyle London

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:6908073

Organization Name: Hells Children

Organization Type: Crime

Organization Purpose: Hells Children is a Diffrent kind of org.Hells Children..... Heh....
We get drugs into the city,But we also dont like jews very much... Remind you of somthing? Yeah the Nazi back in WWII but there not as evil as the nazi.We dont have tanks,Airplanes,Armys. Just a few of us with a sidearm and a assualt rifle.
I mean where hells Children what more can i say?

Organization History: It all started out when Doyle was a little baby.His Dad showed him the movie The night of the living dead when he was three.Doyle thought it was awsome.Hes watched all of the horror movies.When his girlfreind (Brittany) asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up in 5th Grade he said the devil.........................
Doyle isnt very nice eather.One a girl scout came to the door and he Let his pit bull chase her down to her house. Ehhh his pit bull that thing is crazy his name is eat.
Wanna know why?Its because he ATE another dog.Doyle Put together a group of his freinds called the Hells........ They all got arrested for about 2 years because they broke blew up a old jewish empty church filled with money.Now afther that 2 years Doyle and his freinds are back..... and more evil then ever.They made a new name for themselfs its called Hells Children and you know what? im starting to belive they really are hells children...They blew up 5 jewish churches in NY so far since they've been out and also have killed about 30 jews

Jobs and Pay:
HC Leader - 65

HC Co-Leader - 60

HC Cannibal - 50

HC Mobster - 50

HC Soilder - 45

HC Recruit - 20

Additional Comments: Hey..... yeah........ Peaple please dont look at this like where racist or somthing its just a game.If i can i would like to get APT E for a hideout.

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2 Re: HC (Hells children) APP on Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:40 pm


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