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Police Application

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1Police Application Empty Police Application on Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:28 pm

Jeff Sto

I know its short but you are in need of many cops. I would simply start things off.

Ingame Name(s): Jeff Stone

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:18372674

Current Job on Server: Unemployed

Any Previous Experience with being a Police: I have been a cop on almost every server I play on. Some being chief, some starting as officer and working my way up. I am very experianced.

Position you are applying for: The highest rank that you need.

Why you should get this position: I should become a cop because i am very experienced, I role play every situation. I don't fuck around. I know what I am doing. Also the server needs a lot more cops and I think I can help make the PD good/better.

Tell me How you will RP your job as a cop successfully: No rushcuffing, no rush tazering, no dming, following all the rules and guidlines of the server and listen to my authorities and if I get the privilage of higher ranks I will command my lowers rightfully and follow the PD guidebook.

Describe to me how you would deal with an armed 7/11 robber: I would
first call for backup and describe how many robber there are, then I would try to make shure there isnt a way in hell they are getting out, Ill try to negotiate with them making their charge be slightly less if they give up etc. If they deny we will wait. If they fire back at them.

Describe to me how you would deal with someone breaking the diner window: I would fine him accordingly for destruction of private property, if he refuses I will jail him accordingly.

Describe to me how you would deal with someone having a gun out in public: I would tell him to put away then gun and ask for a license. If he doesn't have a license I with comfenscate the gun and fine/jail him accordingly.

Additional Information: Please hire me, I wont let you down.

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