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UnderGround Inc

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1 UnderGround Inc on Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:43 pm


Org name: Underground inc.
Ingame name: Jay Valentine

Jobs & Pays:
Underground CEO : 55
Underground Manager : 45
Underground Distributor : 35
Underground Bodyguard : 25

Org Type : Criminal/Legal

Org History: Underground inc was started as a drug dealing gang, but now they've moved up into the big times selling the most drugs around the city. they make sure everything is under the table no cops ever find out.

1.No DM! (FIRED)
2.No RK! (FIRED)
3.No Disrespecting High Ranks (Demotion/Fired)
4.No Taking Guns From Hideout without my or dannys premission (Demotion)

Org Property: Apt C. Perfect for Npc & An Gun Room.J

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