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Charles J. Bonapart Assassin's Creed org application

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Org Name: Assassin's Creed

Org History: It all started when a young man, Named Chikirin Kashifu, about the age of 27, was kidnapped. He was a normal, adverage guy. He had a great job working as a Car sells men at the local shop, had a awesome girl friend, supportive family, and everything was made for him. Life was sweet. Until suddenly, men in very strange clothing began to question him while he was working. They then drugged his drink when he wasnt looking and he became very delirious. His family or friends havent seen him sence.
They took him to a labratory, Where he was forced to use this very new high tech software at which they can see through the past of his ancestors in the time of 1191 AD, About the time of the 3rd Crusade. He was housed there for several months, and as the weeks went on, he discovered that his ancestor, was a highly trained assassin. Capable of jumping walls, Buildings, and assasinating very important people without anyone knowing. Then, the day of the last test that the scientists wanted to watch, they put him asleep. They then released him back into the city, he now knows what he is capable of doing.

-Head Assassin- (The head of all the assassins.){pay 65)
-Creed Assassin- (The highest ranking assasin other then the head){pay 60}
-Illusion Assasin- (An assassin that is highly trained in getting in and out of robbery or any other situation without anyone seeing){pay 50}
-Skillfull Assasin- (An assassin that is good with jumping buildings, stunts, etc){pay 45}
-Death Assasin- (Trained with using swords or knifes){pay 40}
-Newbie Assasin- (An assassin just now understanding who his ancestor was){pay 35}

Reason Why You Should Have The Org: This org can bring alot to this server. I can bring people to the server with me. But what the org will specificly do will provide RP situiations of how people join the org, how we use our skill, and other things. Were masters of being sneaky, and skillfull. And i think this can help bring alot of RP situations to this server.

Extra Comments: I would like to thank you for looking at this application. It actually took me a pretty long time to type all of this. And ill be perfectly happy with playing on the server even if my org is denied. And i promise i will make sure this org is not used as a DM'ing org. And also, if we get a free weapon spawn with our org, i would like to have a katana pls. This is is not a hitman org, we do crimes and we do them Stealthy, will we never been seen doing a assianation on someone but we wi always role play it.

Real Information about Assassin: Assassin have long intrigued and terrified us. Shadowy figures that stalk the night, they have shocked populations and started wars through their murders.
Public figures have long been targets of assassins, usually for political reasons. Since 1900, a large number of world leaders have been assassinated. In more recent years, ordinary citizens have also been targeted by terrorist organizations, in order to make violent statements.

There are numerous motives for assassinations. If we dismiss those propelled by psychotic behavior, there are three basic motives: personal vengeance, propaganda purposes, or the hope of political revolution. For these reasons, assassins have walked among us throughout history.

The Greeks and Romans practiced tyrannicide--the slaying of a tyrant in order to place another leader in power. The assassination of Julius Caesar was considered an act of patriotism by its instigators, done to save the Roman Republic from a man who would be emperor.

Assassination as a chiefly political weapon has its roots in 11th century Islam when the Nizaris were formed. This secret sect was created by Hasan-e Sabbah in order to eliminate his political enemies. They grew into a huge group and killed countless men. This organization haunted the Middle East for two centuries until the Mongol khan Hülagü led his men into their fortresses and killed 12,000 of them. Other branches were gradually destroyed, until the sect lost its political influence and faded. However, followers of the sect can still be found in Central Asia.

Political leaders and influential personalities have been targets throughout history. Henry IV of France was murdered on May 14, 1610 by an assassin named François Ravaillac. In 1793 Jean-Paul Marat, a French revolutionary politician, was stabbed in his bath by Charlotte Corday. On Dec. 8, 1980, former mental patient Mark Chapman shot and killed former Beatle John Lennon outside of Lennon's New York City home.

Despite our so-called advances in civilization, assassinations have continued to occur with unsettling frequency. There seems to be no end to our violence.

Last edited by Charles J. Bonapart on Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:04 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Needed to fix pays.)

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that was a sick game.. I beat it in 1 day but its still fun as hell, lol.

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cool app i hope what u said was true, i dont wana see assasins calling out "Hit accepted" every 30 seconds, get an HQ near my HQ so we can work together

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In reply to this, before any admins decide, i have done this before. As long as he keeps the asssassins to minimal, it is easy to get away with not dming. consider this org, u can always delete it again.

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