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Vladimir Mihail's Administrator Application

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1 Vladimir Mihail's Administrator Application on Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:52 pm



I have been playing Steam since I was 8, being an admin in LOADS of servers including CS 1.6, CSS, DoD, TS, Teamfortress, Mastersword, Garrysmod, Half life, zombie master etc.. I have been TSRPing for 5 years and have administrated tons of servers. I know about every command and how to use them properly. I enforce rules and website all the time. I've helped many servers become successful and fun at the same time.

Reason for applying: I am applying because I know I would be a great admin on this server and do the usual like sorting out DMing situations, banning hackers, warning people. The more importent things are the simple things like helping newcommers, answering questions and making that extra step just to make the server better. You got to admit, TS is dieing and it needs all the help it can get to stay alive, we wouldn't want people quitting because of some stupid degenerate that ruins everyones fun.

Examples - These must be answered.

A DMer comes onto the server, how would you handle the situation? First of all, I would warn him to stop DMing or he will be kicked/banned. I would ask him to get an RP name (if he doesn't have one), If he continues to DM and is being asshole, I would ban him, no questions asked. If they want to ruin someones fun on a game they can do it somewhere else.

There is a flamewar between two people, how can you handle the situation? There lots of things I could do. 1. I could tell them to stop flaming or they could be kicked, or banned for a short time. 2. I could try to sort the problem out by listening to both sides of the situation and making a choice on who's right, then I would say it's settled now stop flaming or you will be kicked/banned. 3. I could mute the ooc for a while until they settle down and then put it back up asking them not to flame on the server, but to do it on private messaging or something like that.

Extra Comments: I know I would help this server out a lot and you wouldn't regret making me an admin. =D
I am active ALL THE TIME on forums and on the server. If anyone needs help they would just need to PM me on steam if I'm not on the server, or post it on forums.

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TSRP Admin
TSRP Admin
I will give my yes to this one.

I think we have a full admin roster right now, but if any spots free up, you will have a good chance of taking that spot.

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That's hawt. santa

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Ill put mine on PENDING. Most of the things i see are simple things a rper could do. disabling ooc chat works but is not fair to the other rpers. warning are cool but he came on dm so just ban him perm. Hes not going to rp why have him onthe rp server. Fix this app up a little bit. im a fan of short and sweat but if you make it detailed i want it very detailed to get my yes vote.

1. I never DMed on bishops.. wth?

2. I barely understood 90% of what you said.

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