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Aryan Brotherhood

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1 Aryan Brotherhood on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:51 pm

Name: James Earl Ray
SteamID: 0:0:780395

Org Description:
The Aryan Brotherhood is a whispered of gang of whites. Even though we are a racist gang, we do not show it in public, Only in our rally meetings and such. This will not be another DMing gang either, Just White Pride. And we will show it to all the other gangs that are not White or American. The Aryan Brotherhood is a strong band of brothers that sticks together even in the worst of shit. Mainly armed with shotguns and pistols we will take down the minority gangs of this town one by one.

AB Leader 65$ - run the underground gang of the Aryan Brotherhood

AB Peckerwood 60$ - Only the finest of members reach it to the peckerwood level by proving themselves in the field.

AB Whyte Boy 55$ - Has put in alot of work, But the whyte boy needs to still prove himself.

AB Skull Basher 50$ - The violent one of the pack, hunts like a wolf and is loyal like a dog. Dont get on his bad side.

AB Skinhead 45$ - New to the pack, Just got out of training. Looking for a that window to prove himself.

AB Recruit 40$ - The newest member in the group, Just got jumped into the gang by the OG's. Time to shave that head of yours.

Things To Know:

This gang wears the merc model.
This is a very organized gang, we stick together in the pack.
We dont run around being racist, only to those that oppose us in minorty gangs.
This gang has a training period.
Dont call us racists as we are an underground gang you dont hear of.
We Role Play
We dont Rob Spam
Please accept us.

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2 Re: Aryan Brotherhood on Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:54 pm

Ur kidding right?!?!
This isnt nigger slamming man!!

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