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Robert Griffith's Re-Application

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1 Robert Griffith's Re-Application on Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:17 pm


TSRP Admin
TSRP Admin
Hi guys, Robert Griffith (Used to be Dr. James Vizzini) and I recently lost full admin when we reset. Thus, a new application was made (I used the application I had a while back, not the original one on the forums though) so sorry if you are irritated by that!

Ingame name: Robert Griffith

Steamid: STEAM_0:0:17478733

Microphone?: Yes - I recently bought a brand new headset with a microphone on it (I won't use it in game, though.) but just in case!

Previous Bans: I have been banned here. Mostly because I was an admin (followed the rules) so yeah... =)

What would you do with admin: I would provide a lot of assistance to the server by stopping DMers, flame wars, etc.

How active are you in server?: I play every day from 6:30 AM to 7:50 AM (Pacific time) and 4:00 PM to about 10:00 PM (pacific time) Yes! I have no life!

How active will you be if you got admin?: Well, some of you may have not seen me for a while, but I have (until next Friday) been taking tests for certifications with computers, taking finals, etc. I usually get on for about 7 -8 hours a day and play the WHOLE time in the server.

How active are you / will you be on the forums: I am on the forums every morning, evening, and afternoon. I get on about every hour to check what has been going on. If I become admin I will be on every 30 minutes or less to make sure there is no ban/unban requests, applications, etc. that need to be attended to.


Xfire: No Xfire yet. (I will create one though if it is needed!)

SteamAccount: Askrobert1234

Any previous experience with admin: I have been an admin on LOTS of TS servers. Both RP and DM. Due to playing since V 0.5 (Beta testing) I have had plenty of admin experience in TS and know all of the commands I will need. I have also been admin in other games such as Counter strike (and source) team fortress (1 & 2) and many half life 1 and 2 mods!

Why should I get admin?: I am a loyal, trustworthy player with lots of admin experience, i am a good roleplayer, i respect the players on the server, i promise not to abuse ANY rights i have access to, i am active, and i am willing to contribute as much as possible to this server as i can.

Extras: I decided to put some definitions of basic "Troubles" and terms you will hear as an admin (and player).

Define the following:

Dming- Attacking/killing anyone without reason

Rking- After you die, come back and kill the person that killed you in revenge.

Metagmaing- Using OOC chat in-character. (Such as going up and saying "Hey Bill that DM war was crazy" etc.)

Powergaming- RPing so that the opposite player(s) do not have a chance to react to what you are doing. Such as *Breaks your nose* or *chops your leg off*

Stunting- Jumping up walls, diving off buildings, etc.

Rush Cuffing- Running into a crime and cuffing the person without warning.

Revenge Cuffing- After you die, come back and cuff the person that killed you.

Examples - These must be answered.

A DMer comes onto the server, how would you handle the situation?: I would give the person(s) a warning, if they don't stop I will give them a second warning and say "Last chance." or "Final warning" and if it continues, I will kick them. If they come back and DM more, I will ban them for 30 - 60 minutes or as long as needed to get them out of the server.

There is a flamewar between two people, how can you handle the situation?: I would tell them to stop fighting immediately or I will deal with it myself. If the situation continues, I will kick one (or both) of them to make an example of them. If they come back and continue the fight, I will ban them for the appropriate amount of time to get them out of the server until they cool down and can RP without fighting with the other players.

Extra Comments: I hope you enjoyed my application. I know that it didn't follow the regular format (I added a LOT) to this and put over an hours worth of my time into it. I hope I can become an admin here (again) and help the server out! Thanks!

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